Nature-Connected Wellness + Companionship + Happiness Skills

Women’s Walkabouts meet on a weekly basis for 90 minutes. We are outside in all types of weather to walk, talk, share, explore mindfulness, and learn happiness skills.

Our modern lives are full of stressors and complexity. Sometimes there’s a sense  that life isn’t quite what it should be.


Wellbeing Walkabout helps reverse those feelings with a stimulating experience you will look forward to all week! We activate and balance all the elements of who we are as humans—our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sides. We’ll help you embrace your capacity to feel wonder.

Join like-minded others and get a weekly boost!

Active: Activity is vital to our mental and physical health, yet our lives are often sedentary. Wellbeing Walkabout keeps you moving without too much exertion, so the motion feels natural and enjoyable.

Outdoors: Being outdoors and in contact with nature can lift your spirit and contribute to your mental and emotional health. We are a part of nature and have a deep bond with the planet and all living things. Honouring and waking up this connection in ourselves is an important part of being a whole human.

Wellness-oriented: Our mental and emotional patterns can either support our happiness and well-being or cause stagnation and decline. Every day, you can create new neural networks that support your aspirations, creativity, and potential. The challenge is to apply new patterns to your life. Wellbeing Walkabout is about learning to build new neural networks and open yourself up to new possibilities. In this program, you will learn to help your mind become more flexible, creative, and intuitive.

Sociable: We leverage women’s natural propensity to develop supportive networks. Together, we will take part in an engaging, fun, and insightful program in which we learn from each other, share our experiences, and anchor our insights in connection and friendship.

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