“Thanks so much for skillfully guiding me through exercises that helped me connect with the natural world and my own essence. It was a very enjoyable and precious time that sparked vivid awareness of our connection with our world. I felt my heart and mind open.” – Bozica Costigliola


“Spending time walking and experiencing nature was a real treat. The exercises you created enabled me to relax into the moment and appreciate the sights, sounds and beauty around me and in me. Perhaps the greatest thing I came away with was a feeling of calmness and lightness that lasted through the rest of the day. It’s amazing what being in nature and really taking time to experience it can do for your well being!” – Diane Laundy


“It has been a week since my first experience of the Woman’s Walkabout. I enjoyed being with nature and with myself in a new way. The short activities that Hilary invited us to do were simple and clear. What a delight it was to notice beauty in the small things – the percussive rustle of aging leaves, surprisingly vibrant colours in the crevices of tree bark, the pure excitement of a dog chasing a scent in the woods, and the dynamic movements of Canada Geese flying overhead. I felt comfortable sharing as much or as little about my nature experience with the other women and Hilary welcomed us all to speak up and connect with each other as we casually walked along. As I waited for the bus to come today, I caught myself looking at purple flowers in my neighbour’s yard covered with first snow. I took a moment – just a moment – to feel joy arising and expanding in my body as I noticed the colour purple on a cool, damp day.  I learned to do this at the Women’s Walkabout and my life is richer for it. Thank you Hilary.” – Jennifer Shepherd


“It is so helpful to disconnect from screens, to quiet the chatter in my mind, and to go among the trees and wildlife and simply be — in the moment, fully present, open with all my senses, curious about what arises. Hilary invites us and leads us to that possibility in a warm and gentle way.” – Andrea Prazmowski


“I particularly love winter. It’s my favourite season. When snow covers the landscape, I can focus on the elemental beauty of nature; the way the snow sculpts the shape of branches and shrubs, the way the sudden gusts of wind make “snow smoke”, the sounds of winter bird residents, the chattering chickadees, the rat-a-tat of woodpeckers, the scolding bluejays. And I love the silence of the woods, insulating all human noise. It emphasizes the realisation that there is life out there, waiting to begin a new cycle. I’m so happy that Hilary has brought people together to share these joys and to let us all see things that we may have missed.” – Matilda Samuel

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