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Wellbeing Walkabout is devoted to enhancing wellbeing through contact with nature and discovering Ecological Self.

In contact with nature we can find balance and a sense of aliveness within ourselves. Our moods are uplifted, our spirits comforted. We can experience an authentic presence in ourselves when we contact nature in a simple and direct way. This authenticity is the ground for experiencing our own self and our relationships with others.

Ecological Self is the part of ourselves that identifies with nature and feels an integral connection with it. This is the part that knows we depend on the natural world and seeks to preserve and protect it. It is the part within us that is itself wild and loves and cherishes wild nature.


Wellbeing Walkabout was founded by Hilary Samuel. Hilary is an educator, coach and facilitator who specializes in transfomational learning. She has taught across four continents and worked with adults and youth, organizations and communities. She is trained in Gestalt Therapy and Ecopsychology. She holds Masters degrees in Ecopsychology, Human Systems Intervention, and Adult Education, and a BSc in Biology.

To learn more about Hilary, click on her bio here.

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